Normalized Data Tells The Whole Story

For employers, volunteer groups, residential companies and a range of other organizations, Cleara provides quality, comprehensive data for background screenings. Delivering normalized insights, our findings are easy to analyze, enabling you to quickly reach an accurate conclusion regarding each inquiry.

We understand that every client is different. That’s why we leverage our deep knowledge of the background screening industry and our extensive line of services to create customized solutions that help drive profitability and growth within your organization.

Cleara offers data solutions for automated and manual criminal background checks, locator services, volunteer organizations, motor vehicle records/driving, history services, tenant screenings, and healthcare services.

  • More Than 500 Million Records
  • Non-FCRA & FCRA-Compliant Datasets
  • Data For The Background Screening Industry

Suite of Products

Cleara’s suite of products include the Multi-State Record Search, County Criminal Search, Sex Offender Registry Search, and Address Locator. Learn more about our product offerings and then contact us to discuss how we can service your needs.

    Multi-State Record Search

    The Multi-State Record Search is a robust, multi-jurisdictional record search of state and county criminal record databases. Cleara maintains the most powerful multi-state search in the industry consisting of over 1000 unique sources and 500 million records. The Cleara database is created by working with Departments of Corrections, Departments of Public Safety, and State and County Courts.

    This Multi-State Record Search, also known as a “National Search”, is one of the least understood searches in the industry. It is important to understand that individual states can vary extensively in their reporting and not every area will have complete coverage. Due to this, the Multi-State Record Search is a valuable addition to criminal background screening or employment background checks. The Cleara Multi-State Record Search is a fast, affordable and broad search which will help uncover offenders who may not disclose every address.

    County Criminal Search

    A County Criminal Search is the most common type of search in Employment Background Screening. The County Criminal Search retrieves information from a specific county’s court records. County Criminal Searches include convictions of felonies and may also include misdemeanors or infractions.

    Cleara utilizes extensive researcher networks and can search any county in the United States. Additionally, Cleara utilizes cutting-edge technology to complete county and state searches electronically (where available) which results in accurate, fast, and affordable searches.

    The Cleara County Criminal Search is the best way to pull the most complete, accurate information in one specific location. County Criminal Searches are recommended for any employment background screening search.

    Sex Offender Registry Search

    Cleara’s Sex Offender Registry Search helps identify individuals who are listed as registered sex offenders. Cleara works with each state’s official custodian of registered sex offenders to offer a real-time, comprehensive, national search. This national search helps identify offenders who may have moved without updating their status. The Cleara search includes Levels 1, 2, and 3 where available. The reporting includes the date of registration and the offender’s current status.

    Address Locator

    Cleara’s Address Locator mines millions of records to help you identify potential alias names, nicknames, DOB’s, and addresses that may not have been disclosed on an application. Address Locator includes a trace of all known addresses within the past seven years. Use Address Locator to help identify what locations to run a Criminal County Search, or pair with the Multi-State Record Search to conduct the most expansive search available.

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